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What is Afterlifes?

Afterlifes is a post-apocalyptic open world survival fps game with completely destructible voxel world. In english, the game takes place after an apocalypse where you have to survive in a huge open world. You will have to loot, gather, hunt, build and fortify to survive.

The Story

"...While getting closer to the end of the Great War, scientists were experimenting with the creation of super soldiers, but the last experiment gone wrong. Something infected the DNA samples and Matacinas has been created. Super humans killing anything that moves. The survivors of the gas was killed by the Matacinas. You are the only survivor on the surface and your task is to kill as much Matacinas as you can, survive and make The Machine work..."

Excerpt from the Letter of the past

The long version of the story can be found out from the Letter of the past, a letter you can find ingame. The short version is simple the Great War was the greatest war of history that took place from 2078-2096. Billions of people died in the war. Most of them were the victims of the chemical warfare. Some countries used a deadly gas that covers the entire surface of the Earth, except one place, Stall Valley. You are Daniel Jackson the only survivor on the surface (or not?). You wake up in Stall Valley the only things you have are your clothes and your life. You will have to gather resources and loot as much as you can to build yourself a home and to survive as long as you can. You also have an optional task that is the part of the main storyline. You have to find The Machine and all of its parts to make it work. And what's then? You know the way how to find out...

Dev diary – Before Release #0

Hey Survivor! Before we release Afterlifes, I'll share you a lot of info here, in my Dev Diary posts. First…
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