About Afterlifes

So what is Afterlifes exactly?

Afterlifes is an open-world survival FPS game taking place in 2083. The world got destroyed in continous wars. Nothing can live on the surface because of the massive amounts of deadly gas in the air. People, plants, animals and everything we built, destroyed. The British Empire decided to create a research program in search of super humans or super soldiers. Hundreds of geneticists and biologists worked in the Delta Genetics Research Facility to create the DNA of these super soldiers, but they made a huge mistake and created the Matacinas instead. Dark grey skinned human like creatures with glowing red eyes. These creatures are stronger and more intelligent than humans. However they kill anything that moves. The combination of wars, gas and the Matacinas destroyed the modern world. Some of the people are hiding in underground bunker. Except one man Daniel Jackson. 

In this game you will be playing as Daniel Jackson. A former soldier of the Great Coalition. You will be the only one on the surface (or not?), but don't be worried about the gas, as you're in Stall Valley. Stall Valley is the only point of the world where there is no gas.

And what can I do in Stall Valley?

Stall Valley is like a little paradise on Earth. Well... Partly... As in this cruel paradise, there are several hundreds of Matacinas trying to kill you, but I think you'll want to avoid this. So you will have to explore 4 biomes (Forest, Desert, Snowy Forest and Dead), loot and gather as much as you can in order to advance. By advancing I mean to build yourself a safe and pretty house, craft yourself some pretty tools, collect weapons, make tons of ammo, clear Matacina Camps (I'll explain soon) and so on. 

You will be able to explore the history of this world by finding and reading documents all around Stall Valley and then write your own story (no, not on a paper just figuratively). 

Okay, but what are those camps you were talking about?

Ohh, yes. So Matacinas are all over Stall Valley. However, there are several camps where they group up around a mysterious green campfire (weird, isn't it?). Ohh, and they have a leader as well, who is much bigger than you, but if you kill him, you can get some precious loot. By clearing out camps you will get a lot of items and of course you'll get closer to they unknown bunker. As it's unkown I'm not going to explain it. At least for now.

Another good part is that there are mysteries and anomalies in the world, that you can investigate or if you just want to chill a little bit, then you can live up to your creativity and use 150+ blocks to build complex and beautiful structures. How cool is this? Like building sand castles on the beach while being in the hell. #playingintheapocalypse