Dev diary – Before Release #0

Hey Survivor!

Before we release Afterlifes, I’ll share you a lot of info here, in my Dev Diary posts. First of all the most important thing. I know you want to now what features will be included in Afterlifes Alpha v1.0.

So here is a small list of included features:
– An apocalyptic open-world of course
– Loads of Matacinas hunting for you
– 4 explorable biomes (Forest, Snowy Forest, Desert, Dead) + 1 you can’t explore (Hazardous)
– 13 Matacina camps you can attack (It can be really hard sometimes)
– Crafting system
– Looting system with loads of items to loot
– Building system with craftable blocks to build
– A few weapons of course (Can be really useful if you want to hunt Matacinas)
– An apocalyptic atmosphere
And these are just the most important features coming in the 1st version of Afterlifes. There are lots of mysteries and challenges waiting for you to explore and overcome.

Have a nice loot survivor!