Operation Starving Update- Pre-release Showoffs

Hey Survivors,

It’s been a long time since we posted an update here. Today I’m going to tell you about the upcoming features in Afterlifes 2.0 alias Operation Starving.

The Operation Starving update brings tons of new things to the game. Now I’m going to list them here alongside with several screenshots from the game. So let’s get into it.

The first and most important change is addition of the POI (Points of Interest) system. And what are these POIs? Well…

Fully furnished houses

Matacina Camps

Lumberjacks, Hunting Houses, Weekend Houses and even Castle

The second most important is the Farming System, but not in a conventional way. You can’t just plant crops into the ground as Ducmacs would steal it (Trust me you’ll meet them pretty soon). Instead you will have to you planting boxes like this one

You will need to constantly water and fertilize your plants so they can keep on growing quickly. If you don’t water and fertilize, then plant growth can be even 50% slower, but using more fertilizer than neccessary can lead to a 2x faster plant growth.

After harvesting your plants there are some that needs to be grinded in the new Grinding Stone (e.g.: Wheat to Flour, Ear of Corn to Cornmeal). Also the Grinding Stone can be used to make Cement or Sand from Stone.

And now if you have a Campfire like this one

You can cook your meal. However there are some recipes that need one of the 3 dishes (Cooking Pot, Frying Pan or Cooking Grill). Also a Campfire is necessary to cast metal ingots and to purify Dirty Water Bottles.

Ohh, and if you’re short on water, just build a Water Well to refill your bottles. Though they will deplete after some uses (40-60 uses).

There are several minor changes in the game as well. Like new mouse actions in the Inventory, a hotkey to take all items from a Container, Container naming, Tooltips, More decorative objects on the terrain.

There are more than a 100 new items and more than 70 new blocks in the game including decoratives and furnitures.

Matacinas have a greater player detection range, character needs has been rebalanced, and all of the known bugs has been fixed.

As a closure here are some screenshots of the terrain of the game

Thanks for playing! Have a nice loot and a nice day 🙂